The Monday Mess

Good morning, Monday! Will and I are enjoying a cup of coffee at my parents house after a long wedding weekend. It's so nice to have this extra day to relax before jumping back into our weekly work routine. I mean who doesn't love wearing PJs on a Monday?? Can I get an Amen? Amen. A few things that stood out this weekend:

  • Weddings close to our hometown of Fredericksburg, VA are extra special. It's always nice to visit family and when we get to combine that with our love of photography, it's a big win for Team Bulloss.
  • Autumn and Alex have won over my parents. I thought Will and I were the only ones that could spoil them rotten BUT when the pups arrived at my parents house, they found a basket full of new bones and stuffed toys ;). My mom's reasoning: "Well, we have to spoil our grand-dogs!!"
  • Carl's ice cream is the best in Fredericksburg... also the world! We have already made one trip and I don't see us making it out of town without another stop for some of that swirled chocolate goodness. Will likes to "help" me decide what to order so he can get two choices... I see right through your "suggestions" sir!


Kim just had her wisdom teeth out so Carl's was the perfect snack for her. I will say that I was jealous when her cheeks didn't blog up. When I had mine out, I looked like a chipmunk for over a week!!


Tomorrow we will share all of our wedding favorites!! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for sneak peeks!!