The Monday Mess

Do you ever wake up and have no idea what day it is? Or what you are supposed to be doing? Or even what year it is?? This has happened to me TWICE this week and it was oddly uneventful. Luckily all the fine details, like the date, rushed back within a few seconds, but it's a very strange feeling! 

Anyways, my phone told me it was Monday and that means a Monday Mess!! 

Will and I had a good week back from vacation. For us the week after vacation is usually slug week, where everything seems dreary and to move in slow motion. HOWEVER, we seemed to find an immunity to the post vacation low and managed to get SO much done. 

In fact, Will seems to have come across some kind of painting super power and has the entire upstairs repainted. By far my favorite part of this is that it means that the pink, plaid bathroom wallpaper is officially removed and never to be seen again! DEATH to all pink, plaid wallpaper. Sorry not sorry. ;) We have been talking about this project for THREE years!!

While Will was repainting basically EVERYTHING in the upstairs bedrooms, I headed north for a bridal session in the middle of the mountains and then senior photos in downtown Fredericksburg!! It's going to kill me to have to keep the bridals hidden until the wedding in September, but luckily I can share a sneak peek of the senior photos and the full blog post this week!!! See Maddie below!! I can't wait to share SO many more! This girl had it down!