The Monday Mess

Oh, Mondays after weddings always make me so happy. Even though we are experiencing what people in the wedding biz like to call the "wedding hangover," it's an easy price to pay to get to be wedding photographers. If you haven't heard of the wedding hangover, it's basically just a few sore muscles and and our bodies rejecting any movement, BUT it's so worth it. I think with every passing wedding day I love this work more and more. I know in my heart this work isn't for everyone, but I just can't fathom not loving being a wedding photographer! I guess that's why there are thousands of us! Ha ha! ;)

We traveled up to the Charlottesville area to the Veritas Winery! It may be heresy considering we are Hokies through and through, but this is our second winery wedding in a row AND it's making us LOVE the Charlottesville area - at least for weddings anyway!! Anytime we have left Charlottesville, or the surrounding area, we both have said, "let's just shoot here all the time!!" 

Here are two sneak peeks from Catherine and Rob's wedding. The full wedding post is hitting the blog tomorrow!!