The Monday Mess

Today's Monday Mess is short and sweet! We are busy working on this weekend's wedding AND getting ready for our annual beach trip, which is now less than a week away! We leave this coming Saturday for sandy shores and we are pretty darn excited about it.  

This weekend's wedding was at King Family Vineyards in Charlottesville, VA. We always get asked why we travel so far from home for weddings and it always makes us laugh. Even in our first year of business we were shooting all over Virginia and it just feels so normal for us that we often forget that this isn't normal for most photographers. Charlottesville is actually one of the closer and easiest places we get to travel. Plus who doesn't love wine country!?! 

Anyways, most of our weekend was focused on wedding or wedding travel but we did get to enjoy a fun brunch in Charlottesville since Jessica and Jon (the bride and groom) were so kind and provided us a hotel room after the wedding. If I haven't said it before (I better have said this before!), I'll say it again, we love our clients! We work with the most thoughtful people!

Enjoy a few sneak peeks from Saturday's wedding and come by tomorrow for the full wedding post!!

As photographers, we see A LOT of photo-bombers BUT I'm pretty sure this is the first of the feline variety... also learned that I am not a cat whisperer...