The Monday Mess

I always have a hard time responding when people tell me they read the Monday Mess! I feel like Mondays are my days to just share a free stream of thought with the world - an open, not-so-structured journal about our weekends. It's probably not a good thing to have a recurring blog series about nothing! So, when people tell me they read "the mess," I get SUPER excited and then super nervous... it's like "Aww you read my blog!?!" and then immediately "Oh god... you read my blog!?! I need to go delete like all of my ramblings... like RIGHT NOW!" Anyways! Thanks for following along with the good... and also everything else!!

This week has been an INCREDIBLE collection of events. We have traveled across the country, photographed the 5th round of the Creative at Heart conference, saw Kala and John, AND celebrated our dear friend's wedding as guests!! I think this is a rare feeling but I'm glad to be back in the office this week because I don't think I could take any more feels!!! :D NO. Really. I must have cried every happy tear I've had by now. Please don't feel bad if you share good news with me this week and I just don't know how to respond ;P 

Here is just one from this past week. I'll be sharing A LOT more from our adventures very soon!! And YES that cliff dropped off like 500 ft... this trip was DEFINITELY challenging for someone who is TERRIFIED of heights!