The Monday Mess


This weekend flew by so fast! We had our second wedding weekend in a series of three, and even though our bodies might be a little achy we are excited to be making this dream come true. And by the way, when I say a little achy, I mean that Will and I aged 70 years over night and grumbled at each other as we moved as little as possible on the way home. But don't worry, our odd grumbling quickly turned into painful laughter as we realized how ridiculous we must sound! A couple things I learned this weekend:

  1. Even if they look nice, 10 year old Walmart sandals might not be the best option for any 10 hour day. My feet will thank me when I finally find the right footwear for a wedding day. Currently they aren't speaking to me... I guess that's ok.
  2. Any wedding party, excuse me, any ENTIRE reception gathering that knows EVERY word to "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" is A.O.K. in my book.
  3. While monkeys riding horses with machine guns sounds like an awesome premise for a movie, the new Planet of the Apes was more like a 5/10. Oh well, at least we got a whole tub of popcorn out of it, and got to list to a child's hilarious laughter at the apes during various parts of the movie.

Here are just a few of my favorites from this weekend. There will be SO many more tomorrow for the full blog post. Don't miss it! :)