The Monday Mess

How is the end of July already?! Summer is flying by and I'm not sure I'm ok with it other than it means our beach vacation is less than two weeks away! I've almost forgotten about the shark attacks... almost ;)! 

This weekend we traveled down to Mooresville, NC to see Ryan and Liz get married. We were so happy to be guests at the wedding and be totally present as they became husband and wife. What a wonderful reminder of God's gifts of love and family. The wedding was even at the yacht club where Will's parents keep their sail boat! It was so beautiful and made me wish we lived close to a body of water. I guess it explains why I decorated one of the rooms in our house with a beachy theme even though we live in the mountains, hours away from the ocean! Shrug :) 

Enjoy these photos from our weekend trip and CONGRATULATIONS again Ryan and Liz! We are so happy to see the wonderful years you have ahead!

Roger's speech to the bride and groom at the rehearsal dinner got us all choked up!

Sun burst! It's my favorite!

B and Will wore the same seersucker pattern. We were a little excited about it!

Can we talk about this epically sized ring game??

Probably one of my favorite pictures of all of us...

We are dog people if you didn't know...