The Monday Mess

What's one great thing about going through old mail?? Well if you are Will and I, it's finding gift cards that we somehow haven't used yet! It's like finding $5 in your pocket... you aren't really gaining anything because you already had it BUT it still feels really REALLY awesome. 

This weekend was mostly an odd mixture of household chores and big home projects, but somehow we ended up with a longer list of to-dos than we started with... isn't funny how that always happens?! Needless to say, the cashiers at Lowes and Target are getting a little too familiar for my liking. Once they know us by name it's going to be a big sign that we should save some work for next year :) 

The odds and ends we did get to cross off our list include:

  • Fixing dry wall holes. Thanks to Autumn and Alex, we had one or two puppy-related pieces of wall art to correct. Thank goodness their destructive phase is coming to an end... please say I didn't speak too soon!
  • Added furniture to the sun-room, or as Will calls it, "The Stone Lounge." Thanks to Grandma Bulloss, we have two couches and tables that perfectly match the room! After all our hard work this weekend, we gladly sat and enjoyed our favorite room of the house. 
  • Getting the new air-conditioner hooked up. This is meant to supplement the one we already have for the home addition that was added before we owned the house. It was about time someone got around to adding it and putting it in. How our rooms up-stairs will stay below 80 degrees in the summer time! Yay for guests! :)
  • Mulching the flower beds. Weeds are my enemy so we also added some weed barrier to our very large flower beds in the front of the house. They are rather sparse of actual flowers however. So, adding a few new plants is definitely a project for another day. 

Also, Will is WAY too comfortable on the roof and in the attic...