The Monday Mess

It's been a few weeks since I've posted one of these! While we've been pretty quiet on the blog, so much has been happening behind the scenes. I so appreciate you all bearing with me as our business takes on some BIG changes in the next few months!! Today, I'm happy just to share our most recent travel adventures!

My family has traveled to Maine every year since I can remember... well, a lot longer than I can remember! There is a cabin on a lake in northern Maine that has been in the family for GENERATIONS. As such, it's filled with memories. There's a door frame with all my heights (along with the heights of all our family members!), decks of cards that have have the spots "shuffled off of them," photo albums that go back decades, and so many regular things that mean a lot more to me because they hold a memory, a story, or something of the like. 

I could write a book filled with all the things I personally find incredible about this place but I feel that it still wouldn't really convey what I want it to. One of the reasons is that the most incredible part of this cabin in the woods has always been the people inside it. I've missed our folks so much that this week with them has been nothing short of perfect!!

If seeing our family in one of our favorites places in the world wasn't enough, we also got to travel to Orlando and spend two days in Universal Studios! Don't ask me how the flights worked out to be cheaper to fly from Maine to Virginia via ORLANDO... but they did!!! Considering I'm a huge Harry Potter fan you can imagine how exciting this was!! 

Here are some of our favorites from the trip!!