The Monday Mess

How is it Monday already? Does anyone else feel that way? Its the typical Monday feeling, so you would think I would get used to it. I make 101 things to check off in a weekend and by Monday I have about 100 left! I am complaining but it was actually an awesome weekend, regardless of the tasks I have left to do. We got to enjoy the sunshine, grilled on the back deck, and had drinks with good friends not to mention got to travel to Sweet Briar College in Lynchburg for an engagement session!! There will be more on the engagement session tomorrow so look out :) In other news, Pig Roast 2014 is coming! If you didn't know, we are the grilling-back-yard-BBQ kind of people and have an annual Pig Roast every summer for our local Blacksburg folks. It's kind of a big deal :). In fact the pig got ordered just this morning! Stay tuned for updates.