The Monday Mess

Will and I rarely spend a weekend apart but this weekend Will headed to TN for a diving class and I stayed in Blacksburg! For anyone who doesn't know, Will and I volunteer for our local rescue squad and Will is active in the swift water rescue team. The class that Will attended this weekend was to get certified in rescue diving... pretty awesome right?! ;) He even got to visit with my relatives in TN who cooked a Maine-lobster dinner for him!! The explanation of how they had Maine lobster in TN is rather long BUT lets just say he is a lucky guy!

While Will was off learning to save people, I was home trying to get regular old house stuff done. I know, I know, it sounds a little lame in comparison, but shrug. I haven't done laundry in like a year, so I guess it was my turn!

In between house chores I found 5 extra minutes of time, so what did I do?? Well I started new projects of course! Two pieces of used furniture were purchased this weekend, each needing a little TLC. Thank goodness there are a hundred and one articles on Pinterest describing how to refinish old wood furniture! Sanding, painting, and more painting were done this weekend. The desk and dresser are not finished yet but I'm sure I'll share the process whenever they are ready! 

Here are a few from Will's weekend away and mine here at home! They are all iPhone pics, don't judge ;) 

Oh Maine lobster!! Will says it was amazing... Thank you Uncle Tay and Aunt Kristi!!

This is a pretty creepy image of me and my painting "gear" but it's pretty much what I've been rocking for the last two days...

This is at about half way through the work for this weekend...