The Monday Mess

This Monday, I get to walk into the office with some serious bragging rights because we ROCKED this weekend! I know, I know, not very humble, but I either I could brag about all we got done or complain about my tired feet... I think we all prefer the latter! :) 

After getting off work on Friday, I immediately set out to finish the rather large crafting project which was to refinish an old dresser for our guest room. This thing needed some serious TLC and that's just what it got. We could only work in little bursts here and there over several weeks since mother nature and our crazy schedule teamed up against us, BUT it is officially done and in the guest room now! It feels so great to cross things off the list and I'm pretty sure Will is happy to have his garage space back. We will blog the before and afters later this week, but for now, here is an iPhone image!

On Saturday, Will and I ventured up into the mountains and spent a wedding day with the loveliest bride and groom! I cannot wait to share more of Charlotte and Justin's farm wedding on the blog tomorrow! If you love southern-rustic details, you are going to gush over this one!! I know I am so here is one more sneak peek!!

Sunday was not nearly as exciting as Friday and Saturday, but it was very productive in the Bulloss Photography "office." Emails, emails, emails, and editing, editing, editing! Those "E"s will be the death of me one day, but TODAY I'm just too happy with a shortened "to-do" list. 

Ok, ok, enough about me! Can someone please balance my giant ego right now with something awesome they did this weekend?? :D