Father's Day | The Monday Mess

This weekend was another for the record books! In just one weekend we managed to travel to Raleigh and back, visit Will's family for Father's day (we saw mine last weekend for an early celebration), visit our friends Heather and DJ, got all our pictures hung up in the guest room, AND saw Jurassic World. It felt SO fast but it was so worth it to see our family and friends this weekend, even if it was a balmy 95-100 degrees in NC!!

I think one of my favorite parts of the trip was getting to see everyone's new homes! For those of you who don't know, Christian and Glen are Will's brothers and BOTH of them, with their significant others (Diana and B), moved to Raleigh within the last several months. We are officially outnumbered now that EVERYONE in the Bulloss clan is an NC resident! We can't deal... BUT we do love seeing them start their new lives and all the new home projects that come with it. I see a lot more Raleigh trips in our future! ;) 

I don't want to skip over the importance of Father's Day in this busy weekend! We are blessed with not one but TWO DADs who encourage us, love us, and give us guidance. We are incredibly lucky and although we did not make them macaroni cards, we still appreciate our dads very much! Happy Father's Day again, Dad and Dad!!

Here are a few of our favorites from our exciting weekend! 

We got to see the four-legged relatives too!!

And since we were in Heather and DJ's neck of the woods, we just had to get some maternity shots, of course! Stop by the blog tomorrow to see more!! :D