The Monday Mess

It's the Monday after Mother's day and that means we need to give a shout out to our mamas!! One day a year certainly isn't enough. However, we'll take the excuse to send additional love their way - even though my mom calls Mother's day "something created by Hallmark to sell cards!" 

It's pretty difficult to send thanks to moms... let me elaborate. Our moms do SO much for us. They raised us, sent us unconditional love, are our biggest supporters, and have never stop believing in us. So it's not hard to send thanks their way, but it's really hard to send ENOUGH love their way. We'll keep trying but our words could never be enough.

We send all the love to our mother's!!

We also shot a wedding this weekend in King George on the river!!! It was absolutely wonderful!! I can't wait to share more on the blog tomorrow but for now, see some SNEAK peeks below!!!