The Monday Mess

It's been almost two weeks since I've posted!! While we haven't had sessions over the last two weeks, the Bulloss Photography office has been busy busy busy! I love blogging...ish, but we started editing for wedding photographers over the last two months, and I've needed time to get started with a few new photographers!! 

For me, this week & weekend can be summed up in one word - nostalgia. There's a lot I could share, but I'll try to keep it simple. Here are a few things that gave me all the warm, nostalgic fuzzies (and, yes, I just used the word fuzzies):

  • Went to our childhood home in Stafford. Our parents are currently renting it out, but some yard maintenance needed to be done. We removed a few dead trees... trees that I remember planting with my dad about 15 years ago!! Our old neighbors came over to help out and it felt strange not to be walking into the house when we were done with the work! It's weird how you can fall right back into feeling at home in a place that you used to live! 
  • Our good friends, Mikala and John, traveled in from Utah to see everyone in Stafford (and by "good friends" I mean friends that we have known for over a decade that are practically family!). Anyways, we traveled to John's parents house were we used to spend so much of our time in high school. We even got to see everyone from the neighborhood! It was crazy, especially now that John's little sister Maddie and her friends are in high school! They have taken over our old antics and now we are part of the "older" generation!! 
  • Had our last duty shift at the old station. As many of you know, Will has been managing the build of our new volunteer rescue station. Our last shift was bitter sweet - while we definitely need the new station, I can't but help feel like we are leaving a home behind!! 

I hardly took any pictures this week & weekend, but here are a few!

Sage is getting SO big!

Last duty shift... and nonsense over there on the right...