The Monday Mess

It's Monday again. No other day of the week comes faster, I tell you what! Thanks Einstein for all that relativity! ;) ...nerd jokes. 

This was another travel weekend for us. We headed down to Charlotte NC for the sweetest maternity session at the Lake Norman yacht club! We stayed with Will's parents in Mooresville, enjoying the very spring-like weather. 

A few things we learned this week:

  • Patience is a virtue. And I don't feel I have one bit of it these days. I don't even know how to describe why I feel we learned that this past week. I've just realized we've been pushing pushing pushing to get projects done, see improvements in our work, etc. Sometimes it's important to remember that Rome wasn't built in a day... not that we're building a city... ok I'm going to stop rambling now!
  • "Bad" weather is not always the end of the world! We've had some interesting weather so far in the 2016 season - SNOW in April, followed by below freezing temperatures, and rain on for a number of sessions! In each of these circumstances the "bad" weather has actually worked really well in our favor!! This weekend, thundershowers were predicted to be running amuck during a maternity session but luckily we moved the session time up and had some beautiful gray sky instead! Not bad at all!! :D See a few sneak peeks below and the full session TOMORROW!!
  • A better system is needed for emails. I've always been able to keep my chaotic email under control, but there are a lot more emails coming through this year and that means I need to put some systems in place! I'm sure I'll write about this whenever we have it figured out. For now, I'm just going to be knee deep in it for a while :)
  • Demolition isn't so bad... unless you are Will's toes. We helped Will's parents, Glen and Lisa, take apart their deck this weekend. Will dropped a crow bar on this little toe and we were positive it was broken. Will decided today that he didn't think it was "broken" but considering how fast it swelled and turned purple, I'm thinking he must have done some decent damage regardless! 

Here are a few from this weekend:

See more of this sweet yacht club maternity session on the blog TOMORROW!! :D

And the deck tear-down! Will didn't stop for too long after he hurt his toe, saying "well I have 9 more!" 

We even had a protestor... Lilly dog did NOT want her deck gone. She is still coping but will be very happy with the new patio I'm sure!! :D