The Monday Mess

This weekend was Christian's (Will's younger brother's) college graduation weekend, and we couldn't have been happier than to get to celebrate with another new graduate!! Will's parents arrived Thursday night. On Friday, I headed to my new day job and the fam headed to Lane Stadium for the commencement ceremony! I only worked a half day but by the time I got home, all the Bulloss men were out in the yard working on like 7 different projects at once! I laughed and said "I thought we were going to relax this weekend!" They responded with "This is relaxing! We have the lawn mowed, the trees trimmed, the shower door fixed, and the mulch started all before lunch! Oh yea, and Christian graduated." I guess that is what happens when you give a Bulloss man 5 minutes with nothing to do and also have tools near by! Lisa (Will's mom) and I had a good laugh about it and soon joined in.

I am so excited to have a beautiful looking yard thanks to all the work that was done on Friday! Thank you to all the hands that made light work! Also, I will be sharing a TON of photos of Christian's graduation tomorrow!


The mad scientist...


We have curb appeal again!!


Meet Bernie...



More on this tomorrow...