The Monday Mess

I feel like the Mondays after weddings or photo shoots are just a tease!! We get SO excited to share photos that we just show one or two sneak peeks before the full blog post. Sorry not sorry, we are just too thrilled not to share anything!! 

This weekend we traveled up to DC for a cherry blossom engagement shoot at the Tidal Basin with Eric and Chelsea!! Considering Eric was our roommate for two years, this session was extra special to us! I won't get into too many details because we will be sharing SO much about this sweet couple and all our favorite photos from the session TOMORROW!!! :D 

A few other things we did this weekend:

  • Stop in and say hi to my folks in Fredericksburg on the way home from DC. It has been nice to see them two weekends in a row even if this time we only stopped in for an hour! 
  • Went to Church! Being on the road so often means we are sporadic in our attendance, but we were back in time this Sunday!
  • Put in a new microwave. Let me tell you, we have been without a working microwave for two weeks and it was harder than I thought it would be!! 
  • Prepped for putting in a new fence. "We" (cough cough, WILL) started ordering the materials for our new 6ft fence. We will be putting it together ourselves with the help of our family in a few weeks!

Here are just a few from Eric and Chelsea's engagement session!!! Come back TOMORROW for the full blog post!! :D