The Monday Mess

We woke up out of bed this morning with tight, sore muscles. It was a good feeling. This weekend we replaced our old, falling apart wire fence with a 6 ft privacy fence!! Not only did we put up a fence but we also managed to clean up our deck, fix dog-chewed trim, and painted our front porch!! 

Also - when I say "we" I mean us and our two families... we could NOT have done it without them. We first threw out the idea of the fence project a few weeks earlier and everyone was so willing to help - I still can't believe how blessed we are to have that kind of support from family and friends!! And let me tell you - this project wasn't easy!! We aren't the only ones waking up sore. Everyone left the house feeling stiff, sore, bruised, etc.

THANK YOU again to everyone!!! It's amazing what many hands can accomplish in such a short time!!

Here are a few favorites from the weekend. I don't have before and afters - I'll share those later! 

Christian showing us up...

Yes that's Kim on the nail gun!

One way to annoy mom? Don't look at the camera...

He's getting so big!!

Love that one of Glen and Lisa!