The Monday Mess

Our feet are a little sore today! This weekend was one of those that at the end of it you try and remember Friday, and for some reason, it feels like such a long time ago! 

After our first wedding of the season (YAY!! On the blog tomorrow!!!), we spent Sunday helping Glen and Diana move out of their first home! We are so happy for them to move to the Raleigh area but will miss their hip house near downtown. They were actually the last of the Bulloss clan to leave, so after 19 years, Fredericksburg is officially free of Bullosses! ;) Sorry, I'm really not trying to make any family cry right now! Luckily my family is still living up there so we can still visit and eat that great Carl's ice cream! In fact, Will tried to go there THREE nights in a row this weekend! We went once.

Before I get into the moving adventure, my mom and dad have an old VW Bug that doesn't exactly run right now. It's living up to it's "Lil Pest" name! ;) We pushed it out for a little air this weekend. 

My parents cat is the strangest and LOVES being outside...

Time to move!

YES, that IS a unicycle! ...and, no, none of us know how to use it!! The things you find! ;)

WE WON REAL LIFE TETRIS!! Good game everyone...