The Monday Mess

It's been quite a weekend! I'm going to keep the Monday Mess brief today! :D

A few things we did this weekend:

  • Photographed a wedding AND an engagement session in the Nova/DC area! We will be sharing SO many more on the blog this Tuesday and Thursday, but there a few sneak peeks below!! 
  • Went to Duck Donuts... TWICE! These made-to-order desserts were oh sooo good. If you live near one of these spots we are supremely jealous! Between the two of us we shared TEN donuts... not even embarrassed!! 
  • Saw snow in April - don't even get me started!
  • Prepped for next weekend when we will be building our new fence. We have people coming from Fredericksburg, Winchester, Charlotte, and Raleigh to come help us - so hopefully we can make short work of it! 

Here are a just a few sneak peeks into this weekend. We are sharing Ashley and Leon's wedding TOMORROW!! The Spring details had my heart hurting... in a good way!! 

Shout out to: Foxgloves & Ivy, Old Town Hall, Classic Cheesecake and Cakes for their work below -> full vendor list coming tomorrow!