The Monday Mess

This post is coming out later than usual - by several hours actually! Usually, I'll write the Monday Mess late Sunday evening so that it is ready first thing on Monday morning BUT we were enjoying good company this Sunday and I just couldn't pull away. Honestly, it was refreshing to steal that little bit of Sunday! Sorry folks! 

A couple things we did this weekend:

  • I joined our local Cross Fit Gym! So far when I've shared this with people, I get responses that are super polarized. Either someone says "That's awesome!!!" or they shake their heads and say "Why would you ever do that??" I'm not sure what to think about this, but am really excited to get back in shape! 
  • We started our surround-sound project. Will has been dying to put up a 5-point (7-point?? - I swear I was listening) speaker system in the living room and we finally got started! BUT Will and I are odd balls when it comes to wires so the set up below is totally bugging us. Does anyone have any ideas to hide these wires?! 
  • We went on a date night! You may be wondering why this is note worthy, but Will and I rarely get a date night just to ourselves. It was super sweet to sit down to have time to just sit and be married! ...also we went to Target for updates to our guest bathroom!! More on that some other time. Photo by Kaityln Pipps Photography