The Monday Mess

The Spring is revival. It's new beginnings. It's fresh air... Or at least it feels that way. I think that's why I get these butterflies in my stomach as the warm air starts rolling in. Time to get outside and take pictures!! :) Ahh I can't wait. 

This weekend we went down to visit Will's folks and celebrate FOUR birthdays including Wills!! I won't say how old everyone was (because we're starting to get into the ages where it doesn't really matter OR we really don't want to know!) but the celebrations included Grandma Bulloss, Will, Diana, and B! 

Our favorite parts of this weekend:

  • Over the 2-day weekend I think we had 5 different desserts! Yum and yikes! This four birthdays in a weekend thing has its perks ;)
  • Potting flowers in the Target parking lot. B and I spent most of Saturday out trying to find a bird house and potting soil. We never found the bird house BUT finally found some help at Target (obviously!!) and some potting soil for plants that we had purchased that morning. We decided to go right ahead and pot the plants in the parking lot which in retrospect was ridiculous. :)
  • All the family! We got to see so many family members both from Will's maternal and paternal side this weekend. Time went by far too quickly! 
  • Bringing home matching furniture. We are so thankful that Grandma Bulloss has donated a set of bedroom furniture to us. Considering we haven't had matching furniture in our bedroom EVER this is a big deal!! :D 

Proof that getting another year older does not mean you stop making faces at the camera...

We may have had a little photo shoot with Chewy... :)

Lilly protested her new harness... Considering I've seen this dog hold the leash in her mouth and walk herself, I suppose she gets a say!