The Monday Mess

I know I ALWAYS say this, but gosh the weekend flew by! I swear I get off work on Friday, blink, and then it's suddenly Sunday night! As fast as it came and left, I loved that this weekend seemed to be the perfect mix of rest, work, and fun times.

A couple things we did this weekend:

  • I (Jess) got a hair cut! I lost 8 inches and it feels so good! My hair dresser was pretty shocked when I said "can you please just cut it straight at my shoulders... and maybe bangs," but I like it! Annnd that's proof that anything is possible! ;) After it was all said and done, the whole hair shop was ooohing and ahhhing - super embarrassing but much appreciated! 
  • We went to the NEW movie theater! This might be one of those things that only Blacksburg natives understand, but our little town didn't have a movie theater till this weekend! We didn't have to drive too far to see a showing BUT it's nice not to have to leave your own zip code to see a movie... plus there is a bowling alley too!! In other news, I hear Kohl's is coming to Christiansburg!! Oh yall, it's practically NYC over here. 
  • Photos! Between continuing in the International Academy of Wedding Photographers, starting taxes (blah! blah! blah!), and taking photos, a lot got done! Look out for two of sweetest family sessions coming this week!