The Monday Mess

We had another sunny, warm weekend here in Southwest, VA and this couple is NOT complaining. Even if we didn't get to spend a lot of time out doors, somehow it still feels energizing just to have nice weather outside the window! 

A couple things we did this weekend...

  • Studied up! Will has been knee deep in studying for the Professional Engineering exam while I have been starting the Online Photo Academy for Wedding Photographers. We didn't meet in college but somehow we have found ourselves cramming "for finals" in our mid 20's! Weird right? 
  • Created an official business plan. When our business first started we were so focused on the day-to-day that the big picture thinking was in the back of our minds, but was never formalized. The Photo Academy has forced us to spend time making an official business plan and it has been so eye opening. I'm not sure how we survived without it! 
  • Started Spring cleaning... It is no secret that Will and I enjoy good beer. We have been collecting bottle caps for a while now with the thought that "one day" we will do something with them. Does anyone have any ideas how we can creatively use these?? I really want to get them out of their jar and put into something neat!