The Monday Mess

Happy Monday all! The weather turned cold here just in time for the weekend. Considering it had been 70+ degrees and sunny all week when we were in the office, lyrics from Alanis Morissette's Ironic play in my head!

Ok, ok, no need to be too pessimistic, ESPECIALLY considering I stayed in the house most of the weekend. Will was the one that braved the cold for 13.1 miles! Yes, he did a half marathon this weekend! Him and several other of our friends headed to VA beach to run the Shamrock Half Marathon. The 5 of them (if you count 6 month old Carleigh!!) braved the wind, rain, and chilly temperatures as they ran up the board walk! Very impressive! :) 

I would share more from my weekend but most of the time was at home cleaning... and while I don't believe I could bore someone to death, it would be my closest attempt! I did get to end the weekend on a double date with dear friends though! It was by far the highlight of my weekend! 

Here are a few from Will's trip and the half! So proud of him and the crew!

Making a wind shield for Carleigh!

If you ever doubted that this was the cutest little girl ever, now you know you were wrong...

5 new records!! Way to go Will!