The Monday Mess

Oh Monday, you are always here too soon. I don't mean to be unwelcoming, but I feel that you always arrive much earlier than we planned...

Ok, ok, now that I am done scolding Monday, let me just say we had a CRAZY but wonderful weekend! Will and I headed to Fredericksburg, VA to visit family and shoot an engagement session in DC. We were not so sure of ourselves when decided to travel north this weekend, especially since we had a foot of snow on the ground. Oddly enough we found ourselves in a milder climate! Well, except for the drive home as you can see below! 

A few things we learned this weekend:

1. There does not need to be any correlation between number of birthday candles and someone's age. We were celebrating my mom's birthday (a week late) and Will's birthday (a few days early) and in my family, as long as you are celebrating birthdays in a way that is likely to burn the house down, you are doing just fine. We found every candle in the house and obviously used them all! 


2. The Echo is NOT an all-weather vehicle. Just to start, everyone was totally fine and there wasn't even a scratch on the car! Will and I attempted to head home in freezing rain and didn't even get a mile down away before we ended up doing a little un-planned off-roading. We are thankful for unharmed people and an unharmed vehicle. We got a reminder from mother nature yesterday and are spreading the word - drive safe everyone!


3. Ice cream IS an all-weather dessert. What was Will's one birthday request after shooting an engagement session out doors in the winter weather? Carl's ICE CREAM. We rounded up the family and were happy to see that there was no line! Go figure... ;) 


Here is a little sneak peek of our engagement session this weekend, if you missed it on Instagram and Facebook yesterday!! I can't wait to share more on Wednesday!