The Monday Mess

Good morning! I'ld like to say I feel chipper this morning, but that is just not the case. I'm going to go ahead and blame time change for my groggy head and droopy eyes since I have no other reason to feel tired this morning!

A few things we did this weekend:

  • Stayed in Blacksburg and enjoyed the warm weather. If it stayed at 70 degrees for the rest of Spring, I would not complain one bit!
  • Taxes... UGH! Never a happy time getting our business and personal taxes in order. 
  • Our first session of the year!! We could not have asked for a better start to the 2016 season than with Sarah and Joel! See a few sneak peeks of their maternity session below and come back tomorrow for the full post!!
  • Had drinks on the Boudreaux's roof top with friends. This is one of our favorite spots in all of Blacksburg so we where so happy that it was warm enough to sit outside on Saturday night! 

Here are a few sneak peeks of Sarah and Joel's maternity session!! See SO many more on the blog tomorrow!!