The "Monday" Mess

Welp, today isn't actually Monday BUT that's just how it goes sometimes! :D I attempted to get this post done on the way home from our Snowshoe trip yesterday, however, the windy roads had me abandoning that plan almost instantly! 

This weekend we travel to Snowshoe, WV for a ski and snow get away. The weather dumped 10 inches of snow on the mountain the day before we arrived so it was the perfect winter wonderland. 

There were a lot of favorite parts of the trip, but if I had to name a few:

  • Spending time with all the peoples, of course! We spent the weekend with Kim, Heather, DJ, little Carleigh, Glen, and Diana (and Chewy!) and it was by far one of our favorite trips to date. 
  • Everything Carliegh. This little girl melted everyone's heart with her little laughs, and Heather and DJ make parenting look easy! I've always felt that after having children, it would be too difficult to keep up with travel and such. These two (three!) have me convinced that it's possible to do it all. :) 
  • Glen and Will jumping in a snow bank. We enjoyed the hot tub, but for some reason these two had to test out the snow... they eventually decided they liked the hot tub much better!! ;)
  • Skiing all day. We spent all day (and night) Sunday on the slopes! 
  • Dinners in. There's a lot of good dining on the mountain, but nothing beats staying in for family style! DJ had daddy duty and claimed to be the "stay at home dad watching his soaps and eating bon-bons." Between him, Glen, and Diana we had some AMAZING cooks in the kitchen. Thanks yall! 
  • Will going down his first double black diamond. The double black diamond is the most difficult ski rating so naturally Will mentioned this a few times when he got back!! 

We started our adventures by picking Kim up... she definitely entertained us the whole ride up!

Timbers 8 is the best spot on the mountain, hands down!

We got to see this cutie again! She is getting so big!!

Will, Kim, Heather, and I hit the slopes Saturday and ALL day Sunday...

Not a bad looking bunch...

Will and Heather braved the treacherous double black diamond! 


That edge behind Will is where they went down... yikes!

And they enjoyed a beer at the black diamond bar with all the hard core folk! Kim and I stuck to the bunny trails!! :D

We all made it to night skiing! One tip though... if you try and take an "usie" with the back of your skis pointed down the slope, be prepared for...

This... Also, I want to point out that Kim is not helping us up but letting us fall. When we yelled, "Kim, help!!" She said, "Nah, but I'll get a picture!!" 

The most embarrassing part? We were done for the day, in the unloading zone, so we easily could have taken our skis off for the picture and avoided all of this! 

Glen and Diana hiked 4 miles along the ridge!

While Chewy kept warm by the fire...


This little one is a smiling fool!! That crinkly little nose won us over ALL day!