The Monday Mess

We had our second weekend in a row at home. While we LOVE shooting weddings, the break we have this year in February and March has been such a big blessing so far. This down time lets us work on big projects and, ya know, just have time to ourselves! 

  • Saw our friends get engaged!! This was epic - see it all below! 
  • Completed 14 out of 30 days on the Whole30 diet. My biggest challenge so far is trying to ignore all the Tasty videos in my Facebook news feed! Ha! 
  • Watched the Super Bowl commercials and half-time show. Ok, ok, we watched the game as well but weren't really invested in either team. :) 

So, Chelsey and John got engaged this weekend and John killed it in his surprise to her!! John arranged for all of their closest friends and family to be waiting for her at a friends house under the cover of a birthday party. When they both walked in the door, all the friends and family where waiting and yelled surprise, while John got down on one knee. It was ADORABLE, but don't take my word for it, see for yourself!

The treats were set up...

Kellie and Leslie helped me test out the light... LOL!

Everyone gathered on the stairs and in the hall.

She walked through the door and we yelled SURPRISE!!!

While John got down on one knee...

He said, "I take it that's a yes!"

They were just a little happy! ;)

Friends near and far where able to join!


Also, just because it makes me laugh way too hard, here is the photo that Scott, Devon, Catie took with me while I was taking this photo!