The Monday Mess

I don't know about you, but I am thankful for my sun glasses today! I walked out and was blinded by the reflecting snow this morning! Normally I would inject some "wishing for warm weather" quote in here BUT this Sunday, the pastor gave us a good reminder. When we are always thinking about different days, we don't get to experience the present. It was a gentle, welcome reminder that today is a good day! Let's enjoy it! 

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A couple things we learned this weekend:

  • We are no match for mother nature. Poor Will shoveled the drive twice this weekend only to find it covered again within the hour! Will let out a groan, but we both had to admit how pretty it all was! Seriously, we just love the way the night stays lit up all night during a snow storm, kinda like a full moon. Also, Will found out that this hat works in the summer and winter... using a loose definition of "works"..
  • Being thankful for the day is important. I have already mentioned this but it was such a great lesson!  Also, how is this for a good pic to represent this feeling...

A few more favorites from this weekend...

Check Facebook and Instagram today for Sprint portrait session dates. First come, first serve!!