The Monday Mess


This was another at-home weekend, but it was not quiet. The house has been filled with key board click, click, clicks! I know it was the weekend and we probably should have been relaxing, but I couldn't help but work on some of the big projects we have planned for 2015. From working on our total rebrand to creating simple email templates, there were many focused, well spent hours in front of our little Macbook. A few things we did this weekend:

  • We had the final Skype session with Laurent of Elle and Co before the two-week rebrand officially starts!!! Today Lauren is working on putting the final touches on our inspiration board and working through the branding homework we have completed over the last several months!! Gah! I still cannot believe we will have a new brand and website before the end of the month! How time flies!
  • Watched a Katy Perry concert... I mean, the Super Bowl. ;) Ok, ok, I heard it was also a good game, but dang, you really can't top Katy Perry singing on a giant, rearing tiger! Am I right??
  • Avoided tax season for another week... Ugh, taxes are the worst! Out of all the work we did for the business this weekend, getting ready for the current tax season was not one of them. We can't avoid it forever but darn it if I won't try...