The Monday Mess

Well Monday, it looks like you have brought us 6+ inches of snow and counting! Up until two days ago, this storm was predicted to be less than an inch ...or at least that's what said! When Will was buying Valentines flowers yesterday, he was nearly trampled by the stampede of folks buying their milk and bread! Luckily he made it our of Kroger alive since the milk and bread didn't matter much to us for a couple reasons: 

  1. Kroger NEVER stays closed for longer than a day
  2. Six inches of snow is a reason to stay off the roads, not prepare for the apocalypse 
  3. Whole30 doesn't allow bread or milk! We are now done with week three and have one more to go! 

On a different note, Valentine's weekend at home was just perfect. I'll admit that I woke up yesterday morning and was nothing short of cranky. I was super bitter about being on the Whole30 diet for Valentine's day. In retrospect, pining for chocolate shouldn't ruin an entire day but I certainly was hard to convince of that! Will, as he always does, made the day amazing and reminded me of the one thousand and one reasons why I love him and why we don't need a box of chocolates and a dinner out to say "I love you." 

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend as well!! Love to all!