The Monday Mess

This weekend we mostly stayed in the house. In fact, it might be the most time we have spent in our own house during a weekend for last several months! Firstly, we didn't have any shoots this weekend which means we stayed in Blacksburg. The second reason we stayed close to home is this new Whole30 diet. I'm not saying that all of our typical weekend outings involve food or beverage, but most do! As sad as it sounds, this diet had us a loss for what to do with our free time!

Although we felt "chained" to the house, we did get a lot done! Here are a few things we did this weekend:

  • Rearranged our bedroom. Will decided he was bored on Saturday and spent the morning moving all the furniture around. I've got to say, the new layout works nicely! We even managed to do a little clothing sorting in the process. We finally parted ways with our decade old t-shirts! 
  • Cooked... A LOT. The diet has us doing a lot of extra work in the kitchen, but at least it's nice cooking together... even if we wished chocolate was involved! :)  
  • Took the dogs for a walk. They were very appreciative of the new scenery. Autumn even found a dog as obnoxious as she is. Between their high pitched barks, you would have thought a crow and a rooster were battling it out. 
  • Finished our first video!! This will be on the blog tomorrow! All I have to say is YAY and thank goodness that Will has an ear for music, because I really don't have a feel for rhythm... and that is kind of important when using an audio track in video! 

I don't have any images to share from this weekend but if you come by tomorrow there will be a video to see! :D