The Monday Mess

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Bulloss house! This weekend we started our first weekend in prepping for Christmas. We went and picked out our tree and I think it was the first time we agreed on the same tree right away! Usually there is much debate about type and shape and size! Will pulled out the Christmas decorations from the attic and we decorated the tree and the house Sunday afternoon. We also decided to make some "Christmas snacks" like Chex-mix! I normally just like to by the pre-made stuff but Will was determined to make it ourselves and I'll have to admit that it turned out really well! 

Not only did we get to start the Christmas cheer but we also had two photo sessions this weekend in some of our favorites photo spots in Blacksburg! Considering it was 50-60 degrees during our sessions, they felt more like Spring or Fall than winter!! This "strong El Nino" is really making Blacksburg winter bareable! We usually have had at least one snow fall by now and the cold wind is usually knocking me over. I think we may have photo sessions all winter if these mild temperatures keep up and that is A-O-K with me! :D 

Enjoy a few iPhone pics from our weekend and a few sneak peeks from our session this weekend! I can't wait to share them tomorrow and Thursday!