The Monday Mess

No one tells you when you get married that you will get two of every holiday for the rest of time! Welp, I've figured it out on my own, and I'm not complaining! We've slowly fallen into the rhythm of using the weekend before Christmas to celebrate with which ever family doesn't have us for Christmas that year. This year we will be spending Christmas with Will's folks in NC, so that means we got to spend this weekend with my family! 

We are currently on our way back to Blacksburg loaded down with us, the pups, more than two pounds of left overs that my mom somehow snuck into our car, and WAY more than we needed for a quick weekend trip. I'm not sure we will ever learn the art of packing light!

Anyways, it has been a great weekend. Here are a few things we did:

  • Enjoyed "Christmas" dinner with my family. We don't sit around the table very much at my house BUT when we do it's always memorable. I swear, we laughed so hard our sides were sore! 
  • I started learning Italian! Mom and Dad gave me Rosetta Stone Italian for Christmas and I couldn't wait to get started!! Lesson 1 is done! :D!
  • We watched the first (new first, not original first) three movies in the Star Wars series! Only three more to go before we see "The Force Awakens" in theaters! 
  • Drove around looking at Christmas lights. The ladies are the only ones that actually went out for this long standing tradition BUT we have more fun anyways! ;P One of our favorite houses was a house with the Christmas lights coordinated with music on the radio! I thought this was only something I would see in viral videos on Facebook!

Enjoy some favorite photos from the weekend... well actually just from opening gifts because that is apparently the only time I picked up my camera this weekend! Yikes! :)

Oh these crazy cat ladies...

Dad liked his new jeggings!! Ha!

We are a happy nerdy family...