The Monday Mess

As always, the weekend FLEW by. I'm telling you, the weekends aren't really 2 full days... they just can't be! Our 2015 business season is starting to wind down, but isn't over yet! We had a great combination of photo work and personal shenanigans this weekend. It didn't feel like a lot but now that I think of it, we really did a lot!! :D In fact, Will read this post and said "Yup, that's a Monday MESS alright!" Haha! 

A few things we did this weekend:

  • Blasted the Christmas radio station. It might be 70 degrees here, but that will NOT stop our Christmas cheer. :D 
  • Had Christian and B stay with us. I still can't believe they are MARRIED!! These two are our partners in crime and I love all the shenanigans we get into when we get to see them! 
  • Went to the Blacksburg Volunteer Rescue Christmas party. We have both been volunteering for 5+ with the rescue squad and so these Christmas parties feel like partying with family. It was an epic event as usual! 
  • Made 4 different kinds of Christmas cookies AND Christmas wreaths. I'm pretty sure I thought wreaths were a no brainer... turns out I have zero talent for putting greenery into a circle! So much respect for all my talented florist friends out there. 
  • Photographed a 30 year anniversary and family session! I can't wait to share more of these tomorrow, but for now, you HAVE to see the sneak peeks below!! 
  • Toured the new rescue station. Will is leading the new building project for our volunteer rescue station, and even though he is on site 3+ times a week, I'm ashamed to say that I rarely join him! It was great getting to see all the progress and hard work that is being done on our new "rescue home." 

Enjoy a fun mix of iPhone and DSLR images from this weekend! :D 

They have been married 30 years this December!! I can't wait to show more tomorrow!