The Monday Mess

Holy smokes Batman, that was a weekend for the record books!! Will and I have been photoing (yes, I know this is not a real verb!) just about every weekend this Fall. So when this "free" weekend came around, we decided to PACK it full of personal adventures. AND we aren't done yet! As I type, we just finished our first day of video education at The Wedding Filmmaker Workshop with The Herrintons!!

We started on Friday with a small birthday celebration at our house. We asked everyone to bring wine and cheese and it made us feel like we are adulting very well :)! First thing Saturday morning, we left for Charlotte, NC to meet Christian and B for pre-wedding celebrations! They are getting MARRIED in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!! I can't believe how fast time is flying by! The ladies and gents split up and we (the ladies) headed for a downtown Davidson food tour. The food was ABSOLUTELY amazing and I'm still full from all the tastings!! I highly recommend it if you are in the Charlotte area! The gents went for go-cart racing!

If all of that didn't seem like a full enough weekend, we also went to the Packers game!! My dad, sister, and a few of my TN cousins have been going to a Packers game for a few years now and Will and I were close enough to come this year!! Seeing family even only for a short time is the best way to spend any day! The Packers didn't win against the undefeated Panthers BUT we still had a great time enjoying the tailgate and the game!! Plus the Panthers are a welcoming crowd and definitely live up to that southern hospitality! 

Here are a few from our weekend! Enjoy! 

Dad was very proud of his mini-grill!

Stretching before the game haha!


High-fives are hard...


I bet you never thought you would see a Porta John on the blog! WELP...

Kim was highly amused...