The Monday Mess


Even though the time change is trying to throw us off, it is a very good Monday morning. We had a three day weekend and actually used it to relax. CRAZY, right?! Feeling rested for once is probably the greatest birthday gift that I could have received, and I am so thankful for a couple days that were work-free. A couple things we learned this weekend (enjoy some iPhone pics):

  • You can throw a halloween costume together in 10 minutes if you don't mind super glue. Jenna and I had originally planned to be pinatas for Halloween buttt that is not an easy costume to create, and we didn't have much dedication to the cause. Instead we opted for felt, super glue, and white shirts... ta-da, ghosts! Yes, yes, I know "ghost" isn't super original, but hey we had a good time and didn't mind the fact that we didn't have to spend hours putting something together. What can I say... life in the fast lane! lol.


  • Social House's bacon cheese dip. Let me just say it might take a couple years off your life, but if you Blacksburg natives haven't tried it yet, you haven't lived. Sorry world... we are very passionate about our cheese dip. ;) Noms.
  • A long-sleeved shirt and a hoodie are NOT enough to keep you warm through a Virginia Tech game in the rain and 20mph winds. Jenna and I could not feel our appendages by half time. The only thing that it was good for was being numb to our team's loss. We love our Hokies but that was a sad one...


  • Birthday's don't have to be crazy complicated. After freezing for hours at the game, staying inside, wrapped in a blanket while watching rom-coms with Will and Jenna was by far the best night I could have asked for. I would say that I must be getting old but I'm sure I would get plenty of backlash for that... so I won't say it... :)

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We didn't get a lot of pics together this weekend, but at least we got one! Love him!