The Monday Mess

I'm not sure how to start this Monday Mess because there is SO much I want to say!! Should I start with "time passes way too fast!"?? OR with "O.M.G. Will's little brother and my bestie are now MARRIED!"?!? OR with "we just had the most amazing wedding of our career!!"?!? I guess I should start with the fact that we are feeling a lot of things right now and are just so happy for Christian and B!! I'm at a loss for many other words. We are just HAPPY, and to make things even more awesome, we get to share Christian and B's wedding photos on the blog TOMORROW!!! Pinch me! 

A few things we learned this weekend:

  • We can both be in the bridal party AND be wedding photographers on the same day. I don't believe we will make this a habit in our career BUT it was absolutely a rewarding challenge balancing such important responsibilities! I'm sure I will blog more about this at a later date, so stay tuned!  
  • I can ball like a baby and take photos at the same time... Again, I have a lot of feelings... :) 
  • Fall color is possible in late November. I was certain that we would not find vivid Fall color this late in the season. I'm SO happy that I was SO wrong!
  • Our new truck (!!!) is AMAZING. Since our last Monday Mess, where I grumbled about not being able to sell our truck, we have sold the Yukon AND are now the proud owners of a new SUV!! Talk about the power of blogging haha! Anyways, our "new" 2008 Tahoe is a beast and rides so smoothly. I practically can't feel the road! A big thank you to Bulloss dad for getting our Yukon sold! 
  • We need to redo our living room. We stayed with Glen and Diana (brother and sister in law) this weekend and they have done so much work on their new home. It is motivating us to get to those "one day" projects we always talk about!  

Here are a few sneak peeks from this weekend!! Head to the blog tomorrow to see the full wedding post!! 

And a few from the rehearsal dinner!!

See you tomorrow for the full wedding post!!!