The Monday Mess

Dear daylight savings time,

You must go away and never come back. 


Jess & Will

Ok, ok, it's obviously not that bad, especially considering we "gained" an hour, BUT still. It's so hard facing the darkness so early in the evening! I suppose that being natural light photographers gives us a little bias!! Shrug. :D

Anyways, we had an amazing wedding weekend in Orange, VA. In fact, central Virginia is starting to be a favorite of ours for wedding photography! I'm dying to show A LOT more tomorrow, but for now, see the sneak peeks from this weekend's wedding below!! You are going to LOVE the elegant black, white, and green color palette and the industrial reception details! 

We also celebrated my birthday this weekend! As crazy as this sounds, Will actually had to remind me! He asked what I wanted to do on Sunday and I just shrugged, "You mean after the wedding?" and he laughed and said "Well for your birthday actually!!" I guess once I get into wedding mode, I don't think of anything else. On my actual birthday, we just ordered Chinese food, had a few mimosas, and watched some of the first season of Lost. That might sound like a CRAZY combination... well, it might actually be a CRAZY combination... but it felt perfect to sit back and relax!!

Here are a few favorites! Come back tomorrow to see the full post!!