The Monday Mess

Hey all! Another Monday Mess on a Tuesday? Yes, it happens!! Yesterday, I had plenty to share but was working toward getting all caught up for the first time in 2 months!! While I didn't get the blog out, I DID get all my work done before 6pm and that is a VERY good feeling!! This week, I'll finally be sharing what's been keeping us so busy the last few months so stay tuned for updates!! :D Many of you might know the new direction our business is taking but I'm glad to be making it official this week! 

This weekend I took a little time off and went to see my sister, Kim, and help her pick out styles for her new home. She is building a townhouse in Winchester and is in the fun stage of getting to pick all the colors and styling details! Kim NEVER asks for my advice for styling EXCEPT when it comes to home design, so it was certainly fun! Plus we got to walk through all the models, and who doesn't love that?! Am I right?

We also stopped in a local park to get some new pictures of her and Sage with the fall leaves. You may have seen my meme of her and Sage yesterday on Facebook, but if not, here are some of our favorites including all the bloopers!