The Monday Mess

Good morning! It's still looking pretty dreary outside after the rain from the not-hurricane, but considering many people in SC have a river running through their homes, I'm feeling pretty good about the big puffy gray clouds. How's that for perspective? Anyways, my intention was not to get anyone down this morning and just to share some of our weekend!

Here is a run down of what we did this weekend:

  • Saw "The Martian" in theaters. Will and I both read the book and loved it, so we have been dying to see the movie! It was surprisingly true to the book! I mean there were several large omissions but not much that was completely made up. It's definitely worth seeing! 
  • Signed up for The Wedding Filmmaker Workshop! More on the why later this week! We are so excited for Nov 9th and 10th and for the first workshop that Will and I are going to TOGETHER! 
  • Jess got a hair cut. My hair is just long enough to reach my chin now! I keep feeling it and it just ends! It's such a strange feeling!! Now that I can't put it in a ponytail, I'm going to need help with how this hair should be styled - any advice out there? 
  • So many house chores. Oh lordy, this was so overdue. I won't give you the details to spare us some embarrassment BUT our recent busy weeks have helped in the already big problem of chores getting pushed aside. In fact, Autumn and Alex were very disappointment when I pulled out the vacuum considering they thought they had finally defeated the evil, tornado machine!! Sorry pups, the Dyson lives to fight another day.  
  • Will wouldn't stop talking about an RV! I'm very worried that we will actually live a version of the National Lampoon's Vacation! And now he is sucking in other people to this crazy idea. Someone help! :p

What did you do this weekend??