The Monday Mess

I'm sitting here typing this Monday Mess from Salt Lake City, Utah. You might be thinking "WHAT?!?" and that would be understandable!! If you had asked me just two days ago, I wouldn't have even know that I would be here today!! If my exclamation marks didn't hint at my excitement then let me just plainly say it. This is pretty AWESOME!!! :D

As you may or may not know, my dear friends Kala and John are moving/driving to Charlotte from Salt Lake City with their newborn, Landon! They had a surprise when they realized they were going to need to drive Johns motorcycle as well as their other vehicle and asked me to help drive. Twenty four hours later I arrived here!! 

It's been a joyful weekend not only because I traveled across the country but also because Will and I photographed our last wedding of the 2016 season!! Emily and Matt shared their vows at her parent's lake home and it was just perfect!! I can't wait to share more!! Here are a few sneak peeks to tide you over until we share all our favorites on the blog tomorrow!!! :D