The Monday Mess

This weekend we traveled to Fred-vagas (or Fredericksburg, VA) for a wedding weekend at the Braehead Manor!! I love having a wedding so close to my parents home because it is so familiar to Will and I. We both grew up in this lovely town and cherish it's historic charm and old manors!! Come back to the blog tomorrow for the full wedding post, but for now, see a few SNEAK PEEKS below!! :D!! 

There are SO many things we love about having a wedding in Fredericksburg, VA but another is that we get to see my folks the Sunday after the wedding. This Sunday, we were celebrating my birthday early. My sister and Mom acted as my personal shoppers and took me to Charming Charlie (!!!) and a few other of Kim's favorite spots! It's been funny lately since I have decorated her living room and now she has picked out my wardrobe!! I'm glad we have finally embraced our strengths, plus it was way easier to shop when I just let Kim loose in the store and she would bring a coordinated outfit back to me!! I highly recommend it! ;) 

We also got to have Autumn and Alex spend more time with their little cousin, Sage! I don't have any fun puppy family pictures from this time around but if you want to see their first meeting, here is last week's Monday Mess post

Here are few favorites from this weekend and a few SNEAK PEEKS of the wedding we will be sharing TOMORROW!!