The Monday Mess

So I actually planned to share this a week ago and then got SUPER busy with edits!! My bad! 

Just two weeks ago I was blogging from Salt Lake City, Utah. Although, it feels like a lot more than two weeks have gone by since then! If you didn't read the Monday Mess that day, then let me explain! My dear friends Kala and John were moving/driving to Charlotte from Salt Lake City with their newborn, Landon. They had a last minute surprise when they realized they were going to need to drive an additional driver to help them across country and I got a some what panicked call from Kala Saturday night. Twenty four hours later I arrived in Salt Lake City ready to hit the road!! 

It was an insane journey and I'm excited to share some of the iPhones pics we took from the road. First, here are a few things I learned along the way:

  • Baby time is unpredictable but super strict! Landon might not have given us an literary to go off of, but he was not afraid to loudly announce if we missed the time he wanted to stop! Even though we were packed to the brim, we made a small spot next to the car seat for Kala to jump back and keep him company if need be!!
  • STOP when you can, because there might not be another gas station for 40 miles. You might be thinking, "Oh no!! You ran out of gas???" but no, that did not happen. This goes along the lines of unpredictable baby time. Kala and I had a little running joke because we would always approach a stop and say "It's been a few hours, maybe we should stop and wake Landon up to feed, etc" and then decide "Nah, he's sleeping. Let's let him rest and get as far as we can." It would never fail that we would pass the stop and Landon would announce 2 minutes later that we made the wrong choice. Sometimes, you just have to laugh! We didn't learn our lesson until the final day but hey, we did learn eventually! 
  • Business from the road is not easy. People like to think that if you work from home you can literally do whatever you want, whenever you want. Sometimes I think that too. Shrug. It just isn't so! Just like everyone else, I have strict deadlines. It wasn't impossible, just resulted in some long nights and mornings! :D 
  • Cowboy caviar is my new favorite thing. We stopped in Missouri to visit one of John's college friends. We had lunch including chips and cowboy caviar - you just need to take my word on this and make some like right now!! 
  • Kala and John are parents now! Ok, so this is obvious right? What I mean is that they act like parents now! Does that make sense? I've known Kala since we were in middle school so we have gone through so many life stages together. Even after knowing them for so long, it's incredibly difficult imagining your friends as parents. Seeing them on this trip, though, it just makes sense! They are parents and they rock it!  

Ok ok, pictures now!!