The Monday Mess

It's the first Monday in 2016. Can you believe it? Me neither! I feel like I haven't really said good-bye to 2015 yet! Oh well, I guess I don't have the option of pressing pause to catch up and will just need to deal! :) 

On Thursday, we ended the year with a BEAUTIFUL New Year's wedding in Richmond, VA. I cannot wait to share our favorite images on the blog tomorrow! It was a very strange feeling having a wedding on a Thursday because it meant we had Friday, Saturday, and Sunday free! We didn't know what to do with ourselves! we, of course, started three new house projects among other things. Nothing too exciting, just the normal clean up and organizational nonsense! 

A few things we did this weekend (and the end of last week):

  • Photographed a New Year's Eve wedding! I won't get into too many details here because the full post is TOMORROW but if you want to see a few sneak peeks, keep scrolling!
  • Found followers of the Monday Mess! When a few ladies at Caitlyn and Brian's wedding told me that they read all my Monday Mess posts, I didn't even know what to say! I thought my mom was the only one who read these!! :D Thank you to ALL who read! The support and encouragement we found in 2015 is so remarkable to us that it is often hard to believe! 
  • Cooked dinner together TWICE. In our busy schedules we often don't get to cook dinner together. I often chase Will out of the kitchen with a spatula for micromanaging when we cook together, BUT it's still one of our favorite things to do. I'm glad we found sometime this weekend to just do things that normal married people do... and Will managed not to get chased with kitchen utensils either time!
  • Went to The Science Museum of Virginia. The day after the wedding, we decided to stay in town for the afternoon instead of rushing home. Since Will and I are both TOTAL nerds, we ended up at a science museum. Oddly enough, science museums are mostly catered to children not people in their mid-20s... so win-win, we had a great time! :) 
  • Organized the house. We are going through the house room by room and cutting clutter/things we don't need and reorganizing where needed. This week was the bathrooms and linen closets. I know, I know, boring material right here but I had to share because it's all looking so good! Also, Target should also be happy considering the amount we spent on plastic boxes. 

Here are a few photos from this weekend:

All there details were absolutely perfect!! I can't wait to share more!