The Monday Mess

Like the rest of Virginia, we were rocked by winter storm Jonas this weekend. Before this weekend, it felt like we hadn't seen any significant snow fall in Blacksburg, just dustings here and there. However, winter made up for itself very quickly over the last three days. When we woke up on Friday, there were already inches piled up! And that blanket of snow didn't stop growing until Saturday night. Even though there's more than a foot of snow still covering our home and the rest of Blacksburg, we actually didn't see nearly the episode the northern VA saw! My sister got 33 inches of snow!! Crazy right?! I hope everyone is staying cozy! 

Will and I spent most of our weekend at the rescue squad volunteering. There is usually a higher call volume during any winter weather event, so it's pretty typical to have a lot of us volunteers come out and staff extra trucks. This weekend there were so many of us at the station that every bed and couch was filled up overnight! Ha! We even decided to bring our camera down and convinced a few of them to take pictures in the snow! :D

When the winter weather stopped falling and we were back in our own house, we decided to start prepping for the next 30 days. We are starting the Whole30 diet and are excited/nervous for the upcoming weeks. Today is day 1 and so far no complaints! If I snap at you in the next week, I'm sorry! We will be detoxing from sugar! 

Here are a few from our weekend. I feel so silly because I didn't get ANY of the dogs frolicking in the snow. Don't worry, just because there isn't a picture of it doesn't mean they didn't jump, run, roll, and go crazy for the winter weather. It's been hard to get them to come inside because they love it so much. :)

Not sure... ;)