The Monday Mess


Look out Blacksburg locals! Pig Roast 2014 is right around the corner!!! This weekend we really started getting excited about the annual backyard BBQ and had to do some prep work to spend some of the energy. In fact, Will just woke up Saturday morning and said "I'm going to make the grill into a smoker!!" Not sure how any normal person should respond to that but I just said "OK!" I think that means we are officially southern-BBQ-loving-wierdos, and we aren't ashamed!

By the time we were done putting it together... and by "we" I mean Will and Derek while the rest of us sat around and watched/heckled, we were WAY to hungry to wait several hours while something smoked on the grill... So brats and corn on the cob was our official first meal with this new smoking attachment! But don't worry, it will see it's fair share of smoke worthy meat in the near future!

ย monday-mess-smoker-grill-4809


It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but it does smoke meat so we are calling this a big win!


Aaaaand now puppy pictures... because I can!