Calling All Questions!


DSLR-learning-how_0994Hey all! I am so excited about this post because it means I get to share more of what I love very soon! Lately, I have gotten A LOT of questions on how to get a certain image or the "teach me your ways" comments. They are so flattering and mostly make me laugh. I just want to ask, "wait, seriously?" I am so caught up in my own learning frenzy (and still have SO MUCH left to learn!) that I forget that there are plenty of things that I have long since mastered. OK mastered is a little much but what I mean is that I have plenty of knowledge that I can feel confident giving to others! I would never have gotten to where I am today without the generosity of my fellow photographers so it is time I gave a little back, and show others the same courtesy that was shown to me! Just about all the questions I get cannot be answered in an hour let alone a passing conversation so I would like to dedicate some of my blogging time to answering these. I am so excited to get started but first I want to make sure everyone has had a chance to get their questions heard. Please message me ( or comment below over the next week so that I can hear all your wonderful questions! Also, please feel free to ask any variety of questions. I plan to start with the most basic foundation such as how to use your DSLR and shooting in manual mode but I would love to hear your more advanced questions for future posts or to add depth to some of the more basic/dry material.

Many thanks! I hope you guys are as excited as I am!!!


Also, I would like to take this blog post to officially say so-long to the organization (My Life Planned) posts. While I am still working on my news years resolution to have a more organized life, I feel that they are not fun to share and are rather dull. Maybe others enjoy them, but for now I'm just going to sort through my junk in private! :)